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We at Augmenta Health are very happy to conduct your 3 credit points certificate course for the current academic year. This is the third consecutive year we are conducting the course at your campus and has been well received in the previous year.

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Need of the hour!
Mental health is an essential part of public health in low and middle-income countries. There is an urgent need to build professional mental health capacity in India. Many Asian countries need policy, service and legislative frameworks to deliver evidence-based interventions and address mental health systematically as a major public health and development issue. In an attempt to address this challenge, and recognizing the numerous benefits of the collaboration, Augmenta health and Jyothi Nivas College brought out the Foundations in Public Mental Health certificate course for public mental health sensitization, promotion and service development.

This certificate course in Foundations of Public Mental Health shall make the participants learn possible areas of gaps and means to navigate in areas related to mental health. The course shall supplement the core papers of their graduation and help them cope with the rigors of study.

The need of the hour is to create sensitized, passionate and literate young professionals in various streams of community who can make mental health ‘everyones business’.

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