Augmenta Health is a New Age Health Care Company in the private sector offering trustworthy, time-bound and technology enabled mental health care solutions. Going beyond disorders, disease, treatment, illness, our focus is on personal growth helping people adapt to changing circumstances and challenges. We firmly believe in making people’s lives simpler and more meaningful by providing users with solution-focused services that will empower them.

At Augmenta Health, we go beyond the classic “Dis-ease” model and embrace the contemporary “Feel-ease” approach.

For achieving this, we use a holistic three-pronged strategy when it comes to delivering mental health care to the community.

  1. Exclusive Outpatient Only Clinical Service
  2. Evidence-based Mental Health Care Interventions
  3. Experiential Train and Learn Programs

We envision creating healthy communities through cultivating healthy minds and promoting well-being. Our mission is to

  • Prescribe Quality Mental Health Care
  • Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Provide a Safety Net for Communities


The Clinical Services Division, catering the ‘Outpatient’ needs of an individual, who is seeking relief from distress or wanting to attain better psychological and emotional wellbeing.
The Public Health Division, in the area of mental health, specialises in chunking and curating health education related content that is digestible by the community through its social media platforms, training programmes, and community collaborations to assist the general public in digesting complex health information.