This is a series planned to be clinically relevant to all the budding psychiatrists and anyone interested in the basics of psychopharmacology, the clinical application and common challenges in clinical settings related to daily practice as a mental health professional.

Your resource person for the series: Dr Mohan Sunil Kumar (To know more about the resource personnel click @

118.12.20Language of the Brain – Cocktail of chemicals and circuits
225.12.20‘I want to feel better’ – Approaching antidepressants
301.01.21‘I swing from one extreme to another’ – A tale of mood stabilizers
408.01.21Antipsychotics – The good, the bad, the ugly
515.01.21‘I tremble and fumble’ – Managing anxiolysis
622.01.21‘I want a sleeping pill’ – Handling insomnia
729.01.21Drug for ‘drugs’ – Pharmacological approach to Substance use disorders
805.02.21Age, gender, sex and appetite – Dealing with special populations and circumstances
912.02.21Why did this suddenly happen? – Stories of important drug interactions
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