Date: 14 Nov 2021
Time: 10 AM – 1 PM
Mode: Online session on Zoom Platform

What exactly is Single-Session Intervention (SSI)?
‘First impression is the best impression,’ they say. In therapy, the first session is the best session, and it is often the only session! Every interaction has the potential to have therapeutic value. A single session often helps individuals handle their concerns, avoiding further intervention. A single session intervention (SSI) is a therapeutic pact between the help seeker and the assistance provider to address the issue agreed upon for the session in an efficient and effective manner.
What can I expect to gain from the experiential learning capsule?
The multidisciplinary team at Augmenta Health has designed this experiential learning capsule to answer essential questions highlighted below (not limited to) about Single-Session Intervention:

1. What is a Single-Session Intervention?
2. Does research back up this strategy? Are there studies that have shown this therapeutic strategy to be helpful, and which ones have not?
3. What is the difference between Single-Session Intervention and other routine Interventions in therapeutic settings?
4. How are Single-Session-Interventions useful?
5. Who Is the Single-Session Intervention intended to help?
6. Are there a specific target audience for whom Single-Session Intervention is warranted, or it can benefit the most?
7. In what situations will this strategy be not helpful?
8. When is it appropriate to offer a single-session intervention?
9. When is Single-Session Intervention most effective?
10. Is it practically possible to address all the challenges of an individual in a single session?
11. What are the underlying principles that underpin single-session intervention?
12. What are some best single-session intervention practices?
13. In a dynamic and diverse country like India, can single-session interventions work?
14. What is the step-by-step guide to executing Single-Session Intervention?
15. How can individuals be primed for single-session intervention?
16. Should clients in a single-session intervention be followed up with, and if so, how should they be followed up?
17. Individuals take treatment for weeks, months, or even years at a time. Is it possible to do everything in a single session?
18. Is it necessary to have years of clinical experience to practise this strategy?
19. What characteristics of the interventionist would be appropriate for this approach?
20. What would be the length of a single session intervention in terms of time?
21. Who would be the best candidates to benefit from this intervention?
22. Is it appropriate for usage with children or adolescents?
23. Is it suitable for usage by couples or even families?
24. Attempting to resolve the problem in a single session gives the appearance of “band-aid therapy.” Is this the case or not?
25. What is a Single-Session-Intervention Mindset?

Who is eligible to zoom in on this virtual experiential learning capsule?
This three-hour experiential learning capsule can benefit Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Crisis Responders, Mental Health Volunteers, and Allied Mental Health Professionals.
What is the three-hour experiential learning capsule's training pedagogy?
The capsule is designed to build on the learner’s past knowledge, comprehension, and application by scaffolding previous insights and experience. The training will incorporate various strategies, including a visually engaging didactic presentation, guided learning, case simulation, and practical exercises. Participants will engage in dialogue and be encouraged to ask questions to emulate higher-order thinking and metacognition. The capsule is inclusive and considers the various needs of a diverse variety of learners.
How can using what I've learned benefit me in practical settings?
This learning capsule is a distillation of years of learning experiences in real-time, so no matter where you work, you’ll be able to use what you learn here. The key facilitator will guide you through the process and give you practical suggestions on how to use your newly acquired knowledge in your practice.
How can I get access to the training programme once I've registered?
Following the completion of your registration and payment, you will begin getting regular updates that will prime you for the session ahead of time. 24-48 hours prior to the session, you will receive an email with the zoom link information to your registered email address. Please do not hesitate to contact the team at any time at
Will I be provided a certificate and any reading materials, references, or tools to assist me apply the learnings?
Yes, bespoke reading materials, references in a highly condensed manner, and ready-to-use tools will be made available through digital access. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the experiential learning capsule.