About the course:

Mass media play a crucial role in disseminating health information. In this course, the learner gets to understand the nuance of the mass media, its potential in reaching the unreached and explore media as an educator, supporter, program promoter and supplement. 3 modules would be covered and each of the topics would require the learner to spend a minimum of 5 hours to complete and together 15 hours for the total course.

The 3 modules to be covered:

1. Understanding the Media
2. Use of Mass Communication Campaigns to change health behaviour
3. Way Forward: E-Health Communication

Potential learning outcomes:
  1. Appreciate mass media as an educational tool to promote health and analyse the effectiveness of different mass communication channels.
  2. Prepare mass communication plans, understand media consumption patterns and influences.
  3. Campaign planning and content development, analyzing short term and long-term health campaigns.
  4. Understanding consumer engagement with a digital health ecosystem.
  5. Use of social media platforms for dissemination of health education, Use of visual media and hashtags in engaging people online.
  6. Challenges and issues in using digital technologies for health education and promotion

The module on ‘Mass Communication for Health Education’ will be executed on the lines of a ‘Blended Learning Concept’  a unique and newer learning methodology. On successful completion of the online coursework, an interactive experiential face-to-face class discussion will be done with the key facilitator to enhance and enrich the overall learning experience.

The course is facilitated by Dr Sharmitha Krishnamurthy. To know more about her click on Know your facilitator

Important points to be noted before initiation of the course:
  1. You have access to internet/wi-fi which is mandatory for successful completion of online coursework (preferably moderate to high speed which will enable efficient use of time)
  2. The website www.augmentahealth.com is not blocked from the institute server. If it is, please have the same unblocked well before, to be able to access the module on time.
  3. On completion of the registration and subsequently during the course, you will be receiving the automated responses of your submissions on the email you will be registering with. So, please ensure you provide the correct email ID.
  4. On the first submission, if your response is not automatically received in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If it is there,  please mark it as *Not spam* to ensure the emails are received in your main inbox during the subsequent course completion.
  5. The module has been developed indigenously and exclusively on platform licensed by www.augmentahealth.com. The module can be accessed on mobile/tablet/ desktop/laptop with the same link through any of the latest browsers [Frame is mobile responsive]. However, for best visual experience and user-friendly entry of quiz, it is suggested you use a laptop or a desktop to access the content.
  6. The e-module along with the course content will be having open-ended questions embedded along the way for you all to self introspect and complete. Trivia time take-takeaways will be a highlight.
  7. **Remember to scroll down each of the slide content as you navigate through the module. This will ensure you don’t miss out on any important points or have an incomplete topic coverage.
  8. There are animated videos embedded as you scroll down the content. A note to click and watch the video has been mentioned to ensure it is not missed. Also, watch out for the ‘Play Button’
  9. Ensure you click on all the buttons. you would be automatically guided to. E.g When you click Submit button, myself being the module facilitator will be receiving an email of your responses which will enable me to score you further. Your quiz submissions have been automated for you to receive a copy of your responses.
  10. You may also click on the blue shaded blocks on the slides to access the subtopics or the next button.
  11. Just slide back and forth to manoeuvre through the slides or click on the sides of the slide (left to go back) (right to go ahead)
  12. It has been ensured that you have the luxury to complete the module at your pace with pauses/breaks but within the given time frame of each topic. When you pause or stop and reopen the link after a while, you will get an option “Would you like to resume the presentation from the last slide viewed”. Click on YES if you what to start from where you stopped the last time. Clicking on NO will take you back to the beginning of the topic.
  13. You will automatically understand that when the first topic is completely over, you reach the end of the slide set which will congratulate you to the successful completion of the first topic. This is how online courses are designed.
  14. A dry run of the link and the module has been done (QA/QC) to ensure technological hitches are none.
  15. As you are typing and submitting your quiz content, ensure you have uninterrupted internet access to avoid re-entry of all the data again. Else do keep a back-up of the data you are about to submit. 
  16. Post the completion of all the 3 topics, a copy of all the responses with the e-badges (see below) will be sent to you with a copy being marked to your faculty.
  17. Earning an e-green badge – Criteria: Timely completion of each of the topic (content and quiz) with appropriate responses.
  18. Earning an e-gold badge – Receipt of the 3 green badges. The final certificate (again sent to you and faculty) will have a golden e-badge indicative of your successful course completion.  Ensure you have a copy of all your responses documented.
  19. Each of the modules will be auto deactivated on the respective dates (by the end of the day) informed on the email. Post the date you will not be able to access the modules. No extension on the same will be considered as it is all automated. This is to ensure all the modules are equally given their due importance which will further facilitate the timely completion of the entire module.