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Zone of controversy

Controversy 1:

All of the following are common etiologies of delirium except:
a) Hyperparathyroidism
b) Hypothyroidism
c) Hyperparathyroidism
d) Hypoparathyroidism


Difficult to say what was the answer considered by the examiner.

As per three sources – Kaplan’s Synopsis, Uptodate and Lishman’s Organic Psychiatry all the 4 can cause Delirium. Hence, best to avoid answering this question.

Controversy 2:

OCD is a disorder of :
a) Thought form
b) Thought stream
c) Thought possession
d) Thought content


Difficult to say what was the source the examiner would have considered.

OCD is possession of thought disorder, as per psychopathology books. As per Kaplan, it is given as content disorder. So, it is debatable based on the source. I shall go with POSSESSION, as per FISH psychopathology book.