1. 4 days is required for the diagnosis
2. Shortest acting among Z class drugs
3. Seen in N2 sleep
4. A hormone linked with satiety
5. Sleep pressure is due to accumulation of this chemical
6. Reduction of this neuropeptide is linked to Narcolepsy
7. A new drug specifically approved for post partum depression
8. Drug used to treat Parkinson disease related psychosis
9. A drug recently approved for tardive dyskinesia
10. A drug known to worsen acne and psoriasis
11. A psychoeducation model useful in sexual dysfunction
12. A form of speech seen in Hypomania
13. A synonym to primary delusion
14. REBT was developed by this person
15. Safest mood stabilizer in pregnancy
16. SSRI with highest potential to cause withdrawal symptoms
17. An effect of raising IQ with subsequent generation
18. Principle of getting the child to do low frequency activity before a high frequency Activity
19. Midline Stereotypic behavior is characteristic of this syndrome
20. Cloth picking behaviour seen in Delirium
21. SSRI least known to cause least withdrawal symptoms
Check the video below for answers of the above cross word…