You are responsible for your happiness! If not you, who else?   After all, you are your life long companion and if you don’t care for, respect or love yourself, how can you expect others to do so? Giving importance to yourself paves the way for giving importance to others.

Sometimes we fail to check in on ourselves due to the daily chaos, or a work schedule that overtaxes our ability. Though these are a part of our existence, it is our responsibility to shrink the intensity of the work load pressure. This can be handled through organizing a schedule to enhance your day, to draw boundaries between the workplace and household, to strengthen the sleep cycle as it boosts the immune system. Self-aid is essential in maintaining proper intake of food/balanced diet. As we all know, physically performing exercises can additionally bring good efforts to your all round health and well-being.

How does one battle negative thinking?

From a box of chocolates, we tend to choose the best and most appealing flavor to our taste buds, which corresponds to our likes and dislikes. In the framework called “life” we choose our comfort zone, to talk to people, to care for them. However, there is a hitch, things don’t always play out the way we want, people may behave in ways we don’t expect or we may face barriers to our plans.

We feel unsure and insecure, start second-guessing ourselves, give up hope and worry about what others think of us instead of how we feel about ourselves. We break down so easily, give up on our self, and we refuse to see the sparkling light on other side. This can prove challenging but we need to remember that all of us are built to survive, adapt and thrive. The human tendency is to adjust.

Here, critical challenges need to be addressed. For this to happen meaningfully, reason out what is a finer way to move ahead and ease the situation. One such thing is to build on resources like hope, unconditional self-acceptance, grit and self-efficacy which boosts positive thinking. ‘Positivity can make tons of changes’. Identify your weakness, explore the solution and reflect on the alternatives. Yes, we are born unique and are capable of accomplishing the mission. Love, care and nourish yourself. Let’s take up challenges. Life is worth living. Inspiring yourself through positivity can help with better living.

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