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Do you feel caged in?

Are you comfortable to move out and about? Do you wish to get back to the ‘old normal’ life? Whether to fight this battle with the rules prescribed or violate them?

Well, the answer in is your hands!

The ‘new normal’ of waking up to check on the latest number of COVID-19 cases and work from home has its own meaning in our lived realities. While we hope for people to recover from the illness and for the number of cases to reduce, we also wish to do ordinary, routine things we took for granted before like outings with the family, eating mouth watering chaat or sampling from the different flavours of ice-creams at the corner shop, catching up and hanging out with friends and shopping for the latest trends are some of the things we long to get back to sooner rather than later.

However, we are cautious to go out, to travel to places, and to eat in our favourite restaurants. So will our wishes remain as a dream for some more months? How many of us will really attempt or afford to purchase these desired items?  In my opinion, this will be a tough time to all of us to get back to being normal, because ‘normal life’ as we know it has changed. The road ahead looks challenging. We will have to strive for our livelihood as our economy has undergone a major shift and may take some time to revive. It is not only this; people also fear stepping out of the house due to this ‘invisible enemy’ and its capacity to wreak havoc in our collective lives. Therefore, functioning to recover from this pandemic is a task to be faced by us all without any hesitation.

The best is yet to come…

When we fall sick or when a part of the body gets injured, medications have to be taken in order to heal or ease out pain. It is a negative strike that needs time and definitely is a slow and gradual process. Likewise, our mind must be mentally prepared to accept this harsh reality with a belief of succeeding in the future with hopeful, practical and constructive thoughts. Therefore, let’s hold on our ‘old normal life’ and recommence our ‘new normal life’ and bring back the desired changes that have occurred. Let this incident not be a nightmare that we crave to end but instead believe that every end has a beautiful beginning.