What is 1dayguru?

We at Augmenta believe in the philosophy of leaving behind the world a better place. To accomplish this we started this 1dayguru, a teaching and training division of our parent company.

1dayguru, tries to accomplish this above philosophy by conducting seminars, lectures, lectures, workshops and training programs to empower the masses with knowledge of mental health, professional skills, and knowledge sharing.

Why the tagline 1 day recharge; Lifetime validity?

The sessions conducted by 1dayguru are customized and delivered in such a manner that the learning(s) from the same remain for lifetime. Hence the tagline.

Who can be benefited?

Organizations of all sizes and nature, Ex: Schools, Colleges, Small to Large Corporate, NGOs, Public Sector companies, Societies etc.

What kind of lectures can we consider?

These are just possible suggestions.

Lectures that can be considered for Schools/Colleges: Click here
Lectures that can be considered for Corporate and other organizations: Click here

What is the next step?

Be ready to positively impact your organization and its members. Contact us with your requirement. We shall take it forward.